Posted on 27. July 2015 in Violence & Hate Speech, Country Information

In a joint letter to Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu and Minister of Interior five European networks have expressed their concern over ill-treatment and impunity at the Esat Police Station in relation to an assault against LGBTI and sex worker activist Kemal Ördek on July 5, 2015. The former TGEU co-chair had been brutally assaulted, robbed and threatened with death before being subjected to ill-treatment by the police.

IGLYO, ILGA-Europe, ICRSE, SWAN and TGEU demand from Turkish authorities to take immediate action in Kemal Ordek’s case and to show political leadership against increasing anti-lgbti and sex worker hostilities in Turkey.


Read the joint letter here.

Read in Kemal Ördek’s own words what happened

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