6th European Transgender Council, Bologna June 2-5 2016


Transforming Europe – 10 years of movement building

Since the first European Transgender Council in 2005 in Vienna, our movement has grown steadily (TGEU now has 90 member organisations in 42 countries); human rights of trans people are discussed more widely and more countries are in the process of improving legal recognition and protection. In Bologna, together with our members and supporters, we will celebrate our achievements over these 10 years. At the same time we will look into the challenges ahead that we face together as one movement in Europe .

The European Transgender Council – the first and largest gathering of political transgender activists in Europe. With about 200 delegates, first class key note speakers and panelists, workshops and a diverse cultural program the Councils are both – a forum setting the agenda for transgender politics in Europe, and a celebration of a lively transgender community.


The registration for participants will be open at 7:30 pm at the Palazzo Re Enzo.

The council

The workshops and conferences will take place in the city centre of Bologna in two beautiful locations: The Palazzo d’Accursio and the Palazzo Re Enzo. Both venues are wheelchair accessible.

Online booklet

See the online booklet in PDF on this link : TGEU Council 2016 Online booklet

Please note a printed copy will be given to each participant



Download the program in PDF file : Council-Program

Short description of sessions:

  • Opening session: Official launch of the Council with Nils Muiznieks as a keynote speaker – Council of Europe Commissionner for Human Rights
  • WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST COUNCIL ! Session for first-time participants. This one hour session gives participants who are coming to the council for the first time an introduction to and overview of the whole event. You will be given first hand explanations on practical aspects, on the program but also on how you can engage in an active manner to make the best of your first council experience and feel home right from the beginning. The session is also a place where you can ask about any questions you may have, like on rooms, workshops, panels, social events, the General Assembly, etc. And of course you will get to know other participants and some of the organizers.
  • Regional Caucuses : This year we offer activists coming to meet others from the same region in four regional caucuses. These spaces allow for specific discussions, networking and strategizing, which might be of particular interest for one region. An activist from the region leads each caucus.Caucuses offered:
    • Russian-speaking Caucasus
    • Nordic countries / Baltics Caucus
    • Eastern Europe and Balkans Caucus
    • German-speaking Caucus
  • Home team meetings : The home team meetings are new to this 6th edition of the council. It is a session happening in small groups to openly discuss your thoughts about the day, the workshops and panels. It is an opportunity to strengthen the link between activists around Europe.
  • Closing session : by Tikli Oikarinen, SOGI Unit, Council of Europe

Workshops & Panels

Click to see the list and descriptions of the workshops and panels : http://tgeu.org/6-european-transgender-council/councilworkshops2016/

Legal consultation

This year, TGEU offers for the first time the possibility to discuss actual or potential cases with a human rights lawyer present at the Council.

Have you been a victim of discrimination?

Have your rights been violated because you are trans?

Do you consider taking legal steps?

Have you already taken legal steps and want to know about possibilities on the European level?

Constantin Cojocariu is a seasoned human rights lawyer, with substantial experience of litigating trans rights cases before the European Court of Human Rights and the European Committee for Social Rights, including on issues such as legal gender recognition, freedom of movement or trans people in prison. Constantin, who collaborates closely with Transgender Europe and ILGA-Europe, is available to discuss any practical or theoretical questions on the legal protection of trans people, from an European perspective.

Consultation times:

Slot 1: Friday, 15:45 – 16:05

Slot 2: Friday, 16:10 – 16:30

Slot 3: Saturday, 10:15 – 10:35

Slot 4: Saturday, 10:40 – 11:00

Sign up in the list at the registration desk.

NB! This offer does not constitute and cannot replace proper legal council before taking legal steps.

Applications for Steering Committee, Co-Chairs, & Auditors 2016-2018

Transgender Europe has a nine-member Steering Committee that consists of two Co-chairs and seven other members. The Co-chairs and the other Steering Committee members are elected by the General Assembly of TGEU. The General Assembly also elects two auditors.

On  http://tgeu.org/6-european-transgender-council/sc-hosts-2016/ you find information submitted in a written call by the candidates for these positions plus the number of meetings incumbent Steering Committee members attended in the last term. The election of the Co-chairs, the Steering Committee and the Auditors for 2016-2018 will take place at the General Assembly in the afternoon of Saturday, June 4, 2016 at the Council in Bologna.

Applications for host organisations of the 7th European Transgender Council

The European Transgender Councils are organised by Transgender Europe together with a local host organisation. The General Assembly will elect the host organisation and by this as well the city where the Council 2018 will take place.

You find the information submitted in a written call by the organisations applying tho host the Council in 2018 on http://tgeu.org/6-european-transgender-council/sc-hosts-2016/. The selection will take place at the General Assembly in the afternoon of Saturday, June 4, 2016 at the Council in Bologna.

Social events

Thursday Evening: Meet and Great 20.00 @Palazzo Re Enzo

Friday Evening: Divergenti Festival Special Night @6th European Transgender Council – 20.40 @Cinema Lumière

Screening of Fuoristrada, Elisa Amoroso, doc ITA 75 min.

The transwoman Beatrice, formerly Pino, is a mechanic and ex-rally champion with a passion for 4WD who owns a busy car repair shop in a Roman suburb. She leads a loving family life with Romanian wife Marianna and 16-year old Daniele, Marianna’s son from a previous marriage. Fighting the prejudice of established society, both dressed as brides, the two of them manage to get married in Rome. In high heels, Beatrice continues to work as a mechanic and to pursue her passion for off-road racing. A love story, a ride through the life of a a very unconventional family living in a very conventional country, Italy.

Saturday evening: 10th TGEU Anniversary Gala Dinner / Council Closing T Party – @Dynamo – Bologna Velostazione


The following accommodation options are available to book through our registration form. Both hotels and the venue are within walking distance.

Aemilia Hotel, (4 stars) is located just outside the historical city centre of Bologna in a reserved and silent area.

Single room : 115 € per night
Double room : 65 € per night/per person

Hotel Pedrini, (3 stars) is housed in a restored antique monastery built in the 16th century. Hotel Pedrini is located in the city centre of Bologna and is a short walk away from Piazza Maggiore.

Single room: 65 € per night
Double room: 40 € per night/ per person

About Bologna & M.I.T

“Bologna has always been renowned for being one of the most LGBT friendly cities in Italy. Here the quality of life for trans people is definitely higher than in other cities, especially in terms of services and opportunities. Many people decide to take up residency in Bologna, in order to access MIT services. Plus, here they find a strong and varied community, which expresses itself through the many associations in the area and the opportunities for socialization and entertainment.”
Find out more about M.I.T, in our interview with them last March: http://tgeu.org/get-to-know-your-next-council-host/

MIT is the local trans organization in Bologna. TGEU and MIT are organizing the 6th council together.

How to get to Bologna

By plane

Bologna’s closest airport is Guglielmo Marconi (Bologna) International Airport (IATA: BLQ), just a few minutes from the city centre, served by taxi and a special bus line called the Aerobus. A taxi from the airport to the centre costs about €15. An Aerobus Ticket costs €6, and it stops outside the main terminal building.

  • Ryanair flies to Bologna Gugliemo Marconi. British Airways and Turkish Airlines have 2 or 3 flights per day (depending on season) to/from London Heathrow and to/from Istanbul Ataturk respectively.
  • Marconi Airport also has numerous international connections available, including nonstop flights to Amsterdam, Athens, Budapest, Brussels (National), Charleroi (Brussels South), Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Katowice, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw (Modlin), Wroclaw and Zagreb.

By train

Bologna is 37 minutes from Florence, 2 hours 20 minutes from Rome, 2 hours from Venice, 1 hour from Ferrara, etc. The new high speed train line between Rome and Bologna is now fully available and can make trips much faster.

There is also an overnight sleeper service from Paris to Bologna. Departs Paris 6:52 pm and arrives Bologna at 6 am. Return departs Bologna 10:30 pm and arrives in Paris at 9:06 am.

By car

The city is at the junction of the A1, A14 and A13 highways, and so is easily accessible from anywhere in Italy. Most traffic from Milan exits the A1 and take the Tangenziale, but beware this road at rush hour because it is horrendously packed.

Visa for Participants

Some delegates will require a visa to travel to Italy. If you are unsure about whether you need a visa please check here: http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en

If you require a visa we suggest that you register for the Council as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to obtain a visa. You will receive a letter of invitation to the Council only when your registration and payment have been processed.

If you are applying to attend the Council on scholarship please clearly indicate that you require a visa on the scholarship form.

For further information please contact: council@tgeu.org