We would like to use this page to thank the 300 participants who attended the 6th European Transgender Council in Bologna from the 2nd to the 5th of June, 2016 and share the outcomes of this event. A big thank you is also sent to MIT, the volunteers and the local venues that welcomed us for the workshops, panels, and social events.

General Assembly: Meet the new Steering Committee

It is our pleasure to announce that 45 of our 100 member organisations from 27 different countries as well as 30 individual members (out of 81) were represented in the audience to discharge TGEU’s previously elected officers, vote for new ones for the 2016-18 term, and discuss and vote on the next host organisation for the 7th European Transgender Council 2018, the prolongation of TGEU’s Strategic Plan and TGEU’s sex work policy.

We are happy to announce that both the Steering Committee and the Executive Board of the term 2014-16 have been discharged.


The present Co-Chairs, Arja Voipio and Alecs Recher, have been re-elected with an overwhelming majority of votes and among the 13 candidates for the Steering Committee, we welcome

  • Krisztina Kolos Orban
  • Clemence Zamora-Cruz
  • Arian Kajtezovic
  • Ulrika Westerlund
  • Stein Wolff Frydenlund
  • J Vreer Verkerke
  • Nicole de Leo

The General Assembly has enthusiastically acclaimed :

Who will be the next host of the 7th European Transgender Council ?

We are pleased to announce that the results of the general assembly votes acclaim that the 7th Transgender Council in 2018 will be hosted by çavaria, Transgender Infopunt and Genres Pluriels in Antwerp, Belgium. We also thank and support the other organisations who defended their cities from Portugal, Malta and Lithuania.

Notes, documents, speeches, videos available from different sessions

Enjoy our playlist of some videos from the council

Opening session

  • Petra de Sutter, Senator & Member of Parliament at the Council of Europe : Watch the video

Screenshot - 15_06_2016 , 14_32_29 (2)


Click on the link to download the PDF, doc or Presentation file

1. Legal gender recognition

2. Lights, Camera, Activism! Capacity building through trans* film & community cultural events

4. Deprived of Liberty, Deprived of Rights – Trans People in Prison

7. Multiplying our voices, Workshop on Campaigning TGEU, LGL

7. Multiplying our voices, Workshop on Campaigning, TGEU, Daniela Foundation

9. Non-binary people in Europe – situations and perspectives presentation

9. Presentation : Non binary – Forum Genderqueer

9. Speech : Non-binary – Forum Genderqueer

10. Sex workers rights inclusion in the trans movement in Turkey

15. Time for action to advance LGBTQI in Europe

16. Thinking positHIVely EATG

16. Thinking positHIVely TRANSIT

22. Speech : Fundraising, a tool for engagement

22. Presentation : Fundraising, a tool for engagement

25. Sex Worker’s Rights WS

27. The case of MIT (Transgender Identity Movement)


Thank you to Sophie from ILGA Europe for the notes on the 2 panels. Click on the title of each panel to see more.

Other speeches

  • Tikli Oikarinen, Council of Europe – Closing session speech : Watch on youtube


Thank you to Michele Lapini, Laura Bessega, Mina Tolu, Sonny, Guido Calamosca for the pictures.

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Send us your feedback on the 6th European Transgender Council

We worked hard on the council with the local organisation to have the best input for the trans European movement to benefit from it. Most of our work is bringing together all of your strenghts as European trans activists. Help us improve and gain perspective on the council by letting us know your thoughts on these few days.

Thank you again to all participants for making this event possible.

All TGEU team