Posted on 6. November 2013 in Work with Institutions

International Conference on Gender Recognition in Warsaw

TGEU participates in Conference in Warsaw


On November 5th Polish TGEU member organisation Trans-Fuzja co-organized an international conference in Warsaw debating on how a future law for gender recognition could look like.

Richard Köhler from TGEU presented a European overview of the human rights standards gender recognition legislation Poland has to live up to. He emphasized that procedures have to be quick, transparent and accessible and that individuals must not be forced to give up other rights for the recognition of their identity. Broden Giambrone (TENI) and Reb Kristtiansdotter (RFSL) spoke about the difficulties in their countries to advocate for good legislation.

The Ministry of Justice presented the outlines of how such a law could look like, on which a lively debate arose. The need for introducing such law became obvious when members of the trans community took the floor, testifying experiences of discrimination and stigmatization.

The conference as well as the drafting of the law has been supported by the LGBT pilot project of the Council of Europe.

More information and impressions on the conference here.

Trans-Fuzja Control Committee member and TGEU co-chair Wiktor Dynarski shows the way

Trans-Fuzja Vice-President for International Affairs and TGEU co-chair Wiktor Dynarski show the way.