Posted on 29. November 2010 in Events

Transgender Day of Remembrance around the world

Transgender Europe would like to thank everyone who took part in our call to remember those who lost their lives. Below you will find summaries of some of the events that took place on the 20th of November.

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Paris, France




Dublin, Ireland

See the document by Martine Cuypers, available here



Rivoli, Italy



Stockholm, Sweden

In Stockholm we held a manifestation at a queer venue called Högkvarteret in the center of town.

Four trans activists gave their view on issues on hate crimes, invisibility, resistance, love and hope. Around 40 people where gathered for the event.

The speakers were:

Nadja Karlsson, chairman of FPE-S (full personality expression Sweden)

Christine Sahlström, secretary of KIM (gender, identity, diversity)

Silva Eiseb, trans activist

Micke Kjeldsen, trans activist

We formed a circle with candles and listened to music by Alex Fridunger.
It was a great evening of love, togetherness and hope!

Carolina Orre

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