Posted on 6. September 2011 in Country Information

Albanian Ombudsman office starts investigation into the police violence against transgender person in Tirana

5 September 2011 – The Albanian Ombudsman’s office announced the start of investigations into the latest case of violence used against a member of the transgender community in Albania, Paloma, a couple of weeks ago by members of the State Police.

On 15 August 2011, PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania publicly denounced the brutal violence used against Paloma, in a Park near the Albanian House of Parliament and duly informed the authorities about the situation. While investigating a theft case, the Tirana Police Officers got for questioning a friend of the transgender group, an action which was faced with Paloma’s resistance. This resulted in a then use of disproportionate and violent force by the Police officers against Paloma. On the same day Paloma was accompanied by the Police to the Emergency Health Services of the Tirana Hospital (QSUT) to be checked for internal injuries. Paloma was released later that day. The Police Authority of Tirana never pressed any charges against her.

After the fast and string reaction of PINK Embassy / LGBT PRO Albania the Ombudsman Office gave a positive answer to our request for the start of an immediate investigation into the case for putting in front of legal responsibility all the people in uniform involved in such an act of violence.

PINK Embassy has provided the Ombudsman’s Office all materials that will enable them to properly investigate the case.

PINK Embassy