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Help TGEU improve access to healthcare for trans people in Europe!


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TGEU is conducting a survey on healthcare for trans people who are age 16 and older in Georgia, Poland, Serbia, Spain, or Sweden, and would like to hear from you!

For the purpose of this survey, we use “trans people” as an umbrella term to refer to people whose gender identity and/or expression differ from the sex they were assigned at birth, including, but not limited to, non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people.

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Please continue reading to find out more about the survey:


Your participation will help us assess the current healthcare situation for trans people in your country.
The information gathered from this study is anonymous: We will not ask for any details that will make it possible to identify you, including your name or address.

We will evaluate the responses from the questionnaire and use your feedback to recommend changes for improving healthcare access. After we make recommendations, we will determine where improvements are needed and will create training programs for healthcare providers.

Before you start, please carefully read the background information about the survey.

Once you have finished reading, you can start the survey by clicking on the links below which lead you to the survey. We thank you in advance for your valuable contribution!


This survey is intended for all trans people aged 16 or older living in (or having lived in during the past 12 months) Georgia, Poland, Serbia, Spain, or Sweden.

For the purpose of this survey, we use “trans people” as an umbrella term to refer to people whose gender identity and/or expression differ from the sex they were assigned at birth, including, but not limited to, non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people.


The survey asks about your general health and well-being. We also ask about the experiences you have with general healthcare, and if applicable, with trans-specific healthcare.
With “general healthcare” we mean going to a medical professional like a general practitioner or a family doctor for everything that is not related to being trans. This could include primary care situations such as getting a flu shot, being treated for an ear infection, or having a physical examination. It could also include going to the dentist, or seeing a specialist like a cardiologist.
With “trans-specific healthcare” we mean everything related to your social and medical transition. This includes mental health consultations or counseling; taking cross-sex hormones (like estrogen or testosterone); or physical procedures or surgeries (like chest or genital surgery).
To evaluate how healthcare is accessed and how different trans people are treated within healthcare, we also need information about your background and gender identity or history. We have developed these questions with great care, knowing that these topics are possibly intimate and sensitive.


This questionnaire is available online and is totally anonymous. You can fill it in at any time you like, but we will close the collection of responses on October 31.
The survey is available in these languages: English, Georgian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, and Swedish. You can choose the language that you feel most comfortable with.
It will take about 30 minutes to complete this questionnaire. While you are completing the questionnaire, the progress bar will allow you to see how much you have completed. There is no option to stop the survey and continue later, so please make sure you’re in a comfortable place where you have enough time to complete the survey.
If you have no internet connection, or you have difficulties with any of the terms in the survey, please contact your local trans organisation. They can help you to fill in the survey, or offer you a printed version. Contact details for the organisation conducting the survey in your country can be found below.
Most questions are multiple choice questions which will allow us to compare answers across all 5 countries. There are no right or wrong answers; the questionnaire concerns what you personally think, feel or do at this time. We have included a few open answer questions to give you the opportunity to tell us your experiences in more detail. Completion instructions are provided with each question. Where necessary, we explain the terms we have used to avoid confusion.
Not all answer options may be relevant to the situation in your country. Please answer to the best of your knowledge based on your country.


Thank you for contributing. This survey is now closed.


For more background information about the TGEU survey overall, please contact Adam Smiley at

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