Posted on 10. May 2012 in Country Information


We received the letter below from our Argentinean friends. Congratulations to everyone who fought hard for it and to all those who will be benefiting from it!


10th May 2012:

Dear all

Today, by 55 votes in favor, 1 abstention and no opposition, the Argentinian Senate approved tonight the gender identity law -a gender identity law that doesn’t require a diagnosis to have access to legal recognition, hormonal treatment and/or surgical procedures, that includes hormones and surgeries in the public health system, and that doesn’t require them for accessing legal recognition. It’s a law grounded in the right to identity, establishing informed consent as the best practice for trans* access to health.

Tonight we are really happy, really proud of our movement and our allies, and ready to make this law work to change our reality. Thank you all for your support during these months: we are changing the world together.