Posted on 7. May 2012 in Campaigns


Athens police forcefully tests and outs persons living with HIV


The Greek Transgender Association informed us that sex workers living with HIV are facing prosecution. The police with the help of Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (KEEL), are prosecuting sex workers on charges of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, a felony. After the prosecution, they post in newspapers and online the photographs of them with their full names.

The website of Greek Police displays since May 1st photos and names of sex workers living with HIV.


Please sign the petition to stop this unvoluntary outing and witch hunt: 

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The situation is especially worrisome for the sex workers who are trans women and with a migrant background. They are particularly vulnerable to suffer from violence inflected on them after publication of their identities.

The Greek Transgender Association demanded the Office of the Protection of Personal Data to intervene and to stop the outing.