Best Practice Catalogue Human Rights Gender Identity Cover

ILGA-Europe and TGEU are pleased to launch the Human Rights & Gender Identity Best Practice Catalogue


Human Rights & Gender Identity Best Practice Catalogue is a follow-up to Commissioner Hammarberg’s landmark 2009 Issue Paper. It presents a number of policy, legal and practical inspirations from countries in Europe and beyond on how the 12 recommendations contained in the Issue Paper could be implemented. TGEU and ILGA-Europe are pleased to have jointly contributed towards this document and hope that it will be useful for the advancement of equality of trans people in all spheres of life. On the one hand, the document is a response to the frequent requests for information received from activists and policy makers alike, and on the other hand it wants to stimulate greater political leadership for the overcoming of (perceived) obstacles through reference to existing examples that work.

Without a doubt, the presented practices are not fully complete since there is more out there that is not covered by this one publication, and the models presented are certainly not the only way on how to improve the living situation for trans people. We remain open to receiving more information on good practices that can help supplement the ones included in the document. Please send them to directives@[remove-this-text] (emails sent to this email address are automatically forwarded to both TGEU and ILGA-Europe staff).


>>> Download the document here (pdf 5MB) <<< or go to ILGA-Europe’s website

Overview Contents

Chapter 1: Implementing International Human Rights Standards
Chapter 2: Enacting Hate Crime Legislation
Chapter 3: Adopting Expeditious and Transparent Procedures for Change of Name and Sex
Chapter 4: Abolishing Sterilisation and Other Compulsory Medical Treatment
Chapter 5: Making Healthcare and Public Health Insurance Coverage Accessible
Chapter 6: Dissociating Marital Status from the Gender Recognition Process
Chapter 7: Making Equality a Reality in All Spheres of Life
Chapter 8: Involving and Consulting the Trans Community
Chapter 9: Providing Training and Raising Awareness
Chapter 10: Providing Training to Specific Professions
Chapter 11: Including Gender Identity in the Scope of Equality Bodies
Chapter 12: Collecting Data on the Situation of Trans People