Posted on 9. May 2018 in Our work, Creating Change

TGEU is reaching out to activists based in Europe and Central Asia who want to be involved in guiding TGEU’s work between 2018-2020 and be part of TGEU Steering Committee.

TGEU has grown and changed substantially, in numbers of employees, projects, funding, as well as in working methods and approaches. In the term 2018-20, one of the major tasks awaiting the Steering Committee is developing support structures in TGEU to ensure the sustainability and well being of the organisation, jointly with staff members.

Key activities of Steering Committee:

  • be a representative of Transgender Europe (TGEU);
  • implement their knowledge in shaping the trans movement in Europe and Central Asia;
  • travel 4 times a year to Berlin, Germany, for live meetings (costs covered for meetings: travel, accommodation, food/per diems);
  • have online meetings with the Steering Committee once per month;
  • have fully covered opportunities for trainings and conferences.



Candidates should download the application below and send it with a recent photo to by June 2018.

The General Assembly will elect candidates for the Steering Committee on Saturday 30 June

If you need the form in another format or more information, please contact us at

Read more about the positions on the SC Candidates Call.

In order to increase representation and expertise in TGEU, we encourage trans: Black and people of colour, D/deaf and disabled people, people with a migration background, sex workers, trans women and gender non-conforming people to nominate themselves as candidates and mention their background and experiences in their nomination form.

Other General Assembly topics

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