Transgender Europe seeks a

Communications consultant

TGEU seeks bids from interested parties to work with us as a Communications Consultant to combat anti-gender ideologies. Trans communities in Europe and Central Asia are facing unprecedented attacks from political and social actors, including conservative non-governmental organisations, extreme right-wing political parties and anti-trans women’s groups and influencers. TGEU is working on strategies to support our communities, including developing and disseminating messaging and communications frames to help trans groups and activists build empathy and support for trans people.


We are looking for a communications expert with experience and knowledge in crafting sensitive messages for marginalised communities, and in communications that bring about audience attitude shift. The consultant would work with TGEU and key trans-led stakeholders in three European/Central Asian countries to develop and adapt communications messages to the European and Central Asian contexts based on existing research. The consultant will then test the adapted messaging, iterate based on these learnings, and develop messaging tools, guidance, and trainings for trans activists and allies.


Job type:
Deadline for applications:
Required language(s):

Timeline of consultancy:

26 June 2022 – 19:00 CEST

July – 15 September 2022 (up to 2.5 months)

                  Estimated budget:

Up to 7,500 Euros

Closing date

Before the 26 of June 2022 at 19:00 CEST


Transgender Europe (TGEU) is a member-based organisation founded in 2005 dedicated to strengthening the rights and wellbeing of trans people in Europe and Central Asia through advocacy, capacity building, and support. We are a values-driven network of 183 member organisations in 47 different countries striving to: (1) represent the diverse needs of its members within human rights mechanisms; (2) build the capacity and skills of members to meet the needs of local communities; and (3) develop intersectional and decolonised programmes to build more resilient and connected trans movements. Based in Berlin, Germany, TGEU has a staff of 12 and an 8-member Board of Directors. More information about the organisation may be found at

Scope of work

  • Project lead the development and testing of communications that bring about audience attitude shift; building support for trans rights.

  • With support from TGEU’s Anti-gender movement consultant, develop a core set of evidence-based messages from TGEU’s messaging research into effective communication frames.

  • Working with trans-led member organisations in 3 European/Central Asian countries, adapt messages to these country contexts based on audience characteristics and members’ advocacy goals.

  • User test messages in the 3 pilot country contexts to understand audience responses, and make appropriate revisions based on testing findings and feedback.

  • Work with TGEU’s Anti-gender movement consultant to input finalised

messages and learning from message testing into a series of Messenger Trainings with member organisations, allies, and policy-makers.


Required skills


  • Experienced communications expert, who has worked on crafting sensitive messages for marginalised communities, and in communications that bring about audience attitude shift

  • Proven project management experience on similar projects

  • Understands the nuances of trans identities, and can sensitively navigate and communicate reasoning behind message frames with trans activists and organisations

  • Proven expertise in developing communications messages in a campaign environment

  • Experience adapting and testing message frames for different contexts, in particular to national and sub-national levels

We encourage applications from trans, gender-diverse and intersex people, Black, indigenous, and Latinx people and people of colour, D/deaf and disabled people, people with a migrant background, and sex workers. TGEU encourages applications from trans women and trans feminine persons.

Application procedure

TGEU will assess all bids and award the tender on the basis of “best value for money”. Please send a short expression of interest including your qualifications, the number of days you estimate to work on the project and a daily rate to