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Call for Consultant: Organisational Team Development & Support

TGEU is seeking external support in the process of an organisational restructuring.

Submission of proposals is open until Thursday October 25, 12:00 CET *extended deadline* Tuesday November 6, 12:00 CET Noon and should be sent to

*We have extended the deadline to answer several requests from underrepresented groups, pointing to the academic format of our call and the barriers it represents. See changes of the call below.

Background to the project:

TGEU is seeking external support in the process of an organisational restructuring.

Growing in the same structure from 1 staff member to 11 since 2010, alongside unbalanced power dynamics, outreached capacities to ensure a healthy and balanced organisation. As a result, several employees and Steering Committee members left the organisation, affecting first those from underrepresented groups and then leading the current Executive Director to resign.

In July 2018, a new Steering Committee was elected and unites with the staff to put an immediate interim structure in place. This structure will enable TGEU’s work to continue but also engage a deeper commitment to intersectional justice throughout this organisational restructuration. During this time, TGEU seeks for support in change processes, human resources and management, as well as consultancy on developing and implementing a longer-term restructuring plan. Healing-oriented processes are a plus.

Objectives of the work:

  1. Guide and support TGEU through an organisational restructuring process, also called change management process.
  2. Support current team in human resources and management, with an emphasis on healthy working dynamics and environment.
  3. Enable a healing process.

Activities to be carried out:

  • Review previous work done with consultants.
  • Ensure and facilitate a smooth handover process from Director (please indicate availability for 13-16 November, 27-30 November and 10-14 December 2018).
  • Consult on current interim plan.
  • Develop a 2019 framework of the restructuring, including key activities and a healing process (conflict resolution, work dynamics, team building, etc.)
  • Evaluate the interim structure and support the transition to a longer-term structure.
  • Conduct in-person workshops with the team to assist this process.
  • Support in management.

We are looking for someone or a team who:

  • Has experience with organisational restructuring or change management process;
  • Understands power dynamics but also interpersonal dynamics; preference for the team to be diverse and including at least one trans person.
  • Has experience with human resources.
  • Can confidently lead workshops with different knowledge, methods, and experiences.
  • Is able to take the lead and responsibility for planning and delivering the key actions developed to complete this process.
  • Is able to request input from others and adaptable to the different needs or evolvement of the process.
  • Is fluent in English.
  • Can frequently visit Berlin, Germany (around once a month or every 2 months).

To apply please e-mail

  • One document containing:
    • A few lines describing the skills and main experiences you have to undertake this consultancy. 
    • A proposed 6-month plan with key activities.
    • A budget proposal for this plan (daily rate, hourly rate, and overall estimate).
    • A proposed workshop outline showing your approach to facilitating part of a change process.
  • CVs of all team members.

If you are applying as an individual, please mention if you are willing to work in a team.

Submission of proposals is open until Thursday October 25, 12:00 CET*extended deadline* Tuesday November 6, 12:00 CET and should be sent to