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Terms of reference

In-depth analysis of the FRA LGBTI II Survey data set

Deadline for applications: 2 July 2021 – 17:00 CEST


ILGA-Europe is the European and Central Asia Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex Association (ILGA). ILGA-Europe is a membership-based organisation bringing together over 600+ organisations from 54 European and Central Asian countries, making it an excellent platform for joint advocacy and movement development. As part of its mandate ILGA-Europe both advocates for human rights and equality for LGBTI people in Europe and Central Asia; and strengthens the LGBTI movement throughout its capacity building programme.


TGEU is a member-based organisation created in 2005. Since then, TGEU has kept growing and established itself as a legitimate voice for the trans community in Europe and Central Asia with 172 member organisations in 48 different countries. TGEU envisions a world free from discrimination where gender diversity is celebrated, where trans people are valued, and where trans movements are self-aware, intersectional, and evolving to meet the needs of a diverse and resilient community. TGEU works towards this vision through research, advocacy, and community building.

Background for this work

In 2019, the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) conducted its second LGBTI survey, receiving approximately 140,000 responses from across the EU-28, plus Serbia and North Macedonia. FRA produced a report on the work in 2020, and also released an online data explorer, where the dataset is accessible for limited analysis by the general public. 

In assessing the data explorer, it becomes clear that there are many questions, particularly as related to intersectional experiences and identity-specific experiences, that can be answered with the full dataset.

Goals for this consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to apply for and gain access to the full FRA dataset and to develop data extractions on specific analyses based on the assessment.

The project will involve correlation analysis of the full FRA LGBTI II dataset, targeted to extract the experiences and needs of specific subpopulations of the LGBTI community. Some subpopulations of interest for extractions are: 

  • Racialised minorities
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Young people
  • Older people
  • Lesbians
  • Bisexual people
  • Trans people
  • Intersex people
  • Parents
  • Those who have experienced homelessness
  • Those who have experienced poverty

A complete list for the assessment stage will be collectively developed by the consultant and TGEU and ILGA-Europe, in consultation with the European regional LGBTI networks.

The number of subpopulation extractions will be decided collectively by the consultant, ILGA-Europe and TGEU.

Role of the consultant

  • Apply for and receive access to the full FRA LGBTI II dataset
  • Perform analyses on the selected subpopulations
  • Prepare subpopulation extraction documents on selected sub-populations
  • Write a final assessment report of the process for ILGA-Europe and TGEU (2-4 pages)
  • Ensure data protection requirements of the data set are held up throughout the project

Role of ILGA-Europe and TGEU

  • Provide guidance to the consultant on the direction of work
  • Provide introductions to stakeholders, at the request of the consultant, when possible and necessary for completion of the consultancy
  • Support the consultant in the application for access to the dataset (ILGA-Europe and TGEU will not receive the full dataset and thus will not be an applicant directly)
  • Provide a complete list of subpopulations for extractions
  • Provide ongoing support and consultation throughout the analysis phase
  • Review subpopulation extractions
  • In case of disagreement, final decisions in relation to content are made by ILGA-Europe and TGEU

Who we are looking for

The consultant should have working experience in areas described in this Terms of Reference, and in particular:
  • Have a proven track record in statistical analysis, including excellent skills in SPSS, SAS, RAR, or another statistical analysis tool
  • Meet the requirements to apply for and receive access to the full FRA LGBTI II dataset; see for more information
  • Have communication skills in English and excellent report writing skills
  • Preference will be given to consultants with a proven track record of working with and knowledge of the LGBTI movements in Europe and Central Asia and their struggles
  • Applicants who have previously worked with the data set of the FRA LGBTI Survey II are highly encouraged to apply, indicating the scope of their work in the application
The consultant will work under the supervision of ILGA-Europe and TGEU. Staff from ILGA-Europe and TGEU will provide support and guidance as needed throughout the different phases of the consultancy. The consultant will conduct the work from their work place.

Expected deliverables

  • Subpopulation extraction documents; number to be agreed between the consultant and TGEU and ILGA-Europe on a timeline to be agreed; and
  • A final report (2-4 pages) on the assessment and analysis process (due prior to 30 August 2021)

ILGA-Europe and TGEU will have ownership of all extraction materials produced.


A maximum budget of €6.000 (inclusive of VAT) will be available for these tasks. This sum is inclusive of all expenses (incl. 30€ access fees associated with the dataset).

Please note that if the consultant is not able to issue an invoice with VAT (i.a. is exempt of VAT in the country of operations or shifts VAT to ILGA-Europe), ILGA-Europe will proceed with withholding a 21% VAT amount from the lump sum in accordance with fiscal legislation in Belgium.

Total expected time investment is around 30 working days. Activities in relation to this consultancy are expected to take place between 15 July and 30 August 2021.

How to apply

Applications should be sent by 2 July 2021 – 17:00 CEST. Interested applicants should provide a current CV and a 2-3-page statement of interest and a condensed proposal. These materials should clearly outline the candidate’s key skills and experience that are relevant to this ToR, as well as any key standards or principles that inform their work. For the proposal, please include a concise description of the desired approach, including the candidate’s understanding of intersectional discrimination in the context of this ToR, as well as a financial offer including specification of a number of days to be worked, rates (specifying amounts net + the amount of VAT) and any other expenses (including obtaining access rights) foreseen. Please also do provide 1 recent reference.

Terms of payment (instalments) and time of payment will be discussed prior to signing the contract.

Return your application to: Cianán Russell, ILGA-Europe Senior Policy Officer, email:

Download the Terms of Reference in .pdf