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Call for Expert Consultant : Trans and Disability

TGEU is looking for an expert consultant regarding trans and disability expertise. Submission of proposals is open until April 3rd 2017 and should be directed exclusively to

Background information

TGEU is committed to an intersectional and inclusive approach to activism. In 2017, TGEU is therefore organising several activities to build our own and our membership’s awareness, knowledge and capacity to address and advocate for the needs and rights of trans people with disabilities. TGEU would equally like to learn from the disability rights´ movement and locate the possible intersections of trans and disability activism.

We are looking for an experienced consultant to support us with this important work.


The objectives of the work are:

  • To learn and to raise awareness about the needs and situations of trans people with disabilities and to reflect our own short falls
  • To document human rights violations against trans people with disabilities in Europe
  • To amplify the demands of trans people with disabilities within the European trans movement and to challenge ableism and mentalism within the trans movement
  • To highlight the shared struggles between the trans and disability movements
  • To identify and ultimately remove barriers that currently exclude people with disabilities from TGEU’s activities, membership, and organisational structures (board and staff) and that exclude their needs and demands from TGEU’s current strategic priorities and positions
  • To strengthen TGEU’s and our members’ capacity to advocate for the rights of trans people with disabilities in Europe.

Activities to be implemented/deliverables

  • Facilitate and support a 3-day expert meeting of 5-10 experts to learn, reflect and exchange about matters in regard to the cross-section of disability rights and trans rights jointly developed and delivered with TGEU staff (location to be decided based on accessibility needs)
  • Develop a publication on trans & disability, based on expert meeting and literature review (20-30 pages)
  • Develop TGEU´s internal accessibility guidelines (4-6 pages)
  • Hold a half-day internal workshop for TGEU staff
  • Hold a 2-hour webinar to present the publication to the public, jointly delivered with TGEU staff

Required Qualifications

***We especially encourage people with disabilities and who are trans to tender. ***

Candidates should have the following qualifications:

  • Knowledge of the needs of and rights violations faced by trans people with different kinds of disabilities in Europe
  • Understanding of human rights, in particular as relevant for trans people with disabilities
  • Experience with writing publications
  • Experience with developing and delivering consultations, expert meetings and/or training
  • Excellent analytical and organisational skills
  • Excellent English writing skills and the ability to write about abstract and complicated subject matter in easy-to-understand, simple language
  • Ability to work independently and to meet deadlines

Additional desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of languages other than spoken English
  • Network with disability organisations in Europe

How to apply

To apply, please email us:

  • A cover letter (max. 1 page) detailing how you fulfil the qualifications we seek
  • References to/examples of similar work you have undertaken including copies or web links to the final products (if possible)
  • CV(s)
  • Contact information for 2 references
  • A work plan (max. 2 pages) outlining your approach to the work. The work plan should demonstrate your understanding of the subject, propose work methodologies, and a proposed schedule of key activities and timeframe, we envision the expert meeting to take place preferably in early July
  • A budget which includes your daily fee and other envisioned costs (excluding training costs which will be covered by TGEU). Please account for 3 days of attendance at the expert meeting.
  • Your accessibility needs if any, including with regards to international travel

How the applications are evaluated

Your application will be evaluated in the light of the selection criteria set out in the call. However, not all criteria value the same (see table below).




1.      Quality of the work plan and relevance of the CV(s) and experience with similar work

Max. 65 points will be given to the best application according to the criteria 1.


2.      Cost Max. 35 points will be given to the application with the lowest cost.


SUM 100


Contract will be concluded with the person whose application has the highest score of points.

Proposed timeframe

April – June: Preparation of expert meeting, selection of experts, literature review, preparation of initial accessibility guidelines

Early July: Expert meeting

July – October: Preparation and launch of publication and accessibility guidelines

October: Workshop for TGEU staff and webinar

Please direct any questions to

Submission of proposals is open until April 3rd 2017.