Call for firms/consultants:

Help find TGEU’s next Executive Director

The opportunity

TGEU seeks bids and letters of interest from executive search firms, or independent consultants, to work closely with the Board to help us find TGEU’s next leader.

TGEU has been led by an interim Executive Director since January 2020, and the organisation is now ready to begin its search for a regular Executive Director.

Ideally, the new leader will be identified by October 2022 and begin by the end of 2022. The selection of a firm/consultant will be made ASAP, and bids will be accepted through 30 May 2022

About TGEU

Transgender Europe (TGEU) is a member-based organisation founded in 2005 dedicated to strengthening the rights and wellbeing of trans people in Europe and Central Asia through advocacy, capacity building, and support. We are a values-driven network of 183 member organisations in 47 different countries striving to: (1) represent the diverse needs of its members within human rights mechanisms; (2) build the capacity and skills of members to meet the needs of local communities; and (3) develop intersectional and decolonised programmes to build more resilient and connected trans movements. 

Based in Berlin, Germany, TGEU has a staff of 12 and an 8-member Board of Directors. More information about the organisation may be found at 

Application process

Interested parties should submit a written proposal to by 30 May 2022. This proposal should include:

  • Detailed overview of the contractor’s experience leading or advising on executive searches for social justice non-governmental organisations.
  • Detailed description of the proposed approach and timeline for a search process that is competence-based and non-discriminatory.
  • Description of the approach to building a candidate pool with strong representation of trans and non-binary people, including women and people of colour.
  • Outline of values, principles, and considerations that would guide the search.
  • Proposed budget.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Thank you for your interest!