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Call for participants:
Empowerment and Critical Awareness Trainings, July 20-27 and October 3-6, 2019

Download the read-only file here: TGEU – Call for 2 trainings 2019

Transgender Europe (TGEU) is a European-based umbrella organisation supporting,fighting, and advocating for the rights of trans people across Europe and Central Asia. TGEU is committed to intersectional justice and trans rights through advocacy, campaigning, researching, community building, and networking with alliances. The organisation represents more than 100 members organisations in 44 countries.

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Complete and submit before May 12, 2019

Empowerment Training  [Open for trans people of colour]

July 20-27

Following the initiative to focus on specific groups, like the D/deaf and Disabled Expert Meeting organised in 2017, TGEU will focus this year on the empowerment, healing and resilience for trans black and people of colour*, and trans central Asian people with a 7-day training.

This training will be in the South of France, 1h away from Marseille in a wheelchair accessible renovated farm. This will be a time for participants to heal and rest through activities, sport, workshops and topics exploring mental health, empowerment strategies, mapping migration stories, faith rituals and other activities.

Participants who are selected will also be given the opportunity to join a Strategic Meeting only for trans black and people of colour, funded by the International Transfund and independently led by activists.

Travel, accommodation and meals will be covered for the participants, priority will be given to trans women, migrants and disabled people of colour*. This training is organised in partnership with the Center for Intersectional Justice.

Critical Awareness Training [Open for all]

October 3-6

Following up with our Anti-activity report, this training aims to build a stronger trans movement by identifying, raising and highlighting different issues within the trans communities around privileges and oppressions. Gender binary, racism, classism, ableism, western domination and other forms of oppression within the trans movement will be challenged during this 4 day training.

The training will be in Berlin, Germany and wheelchair accessible.

This training will address power dynamics within trans communities and offer a space to deepen our understanding of intersections between oppression and privileges with the ultimate goal to come together beyond these binaries.

Participants who can stay longer and are members of TGEU, will be invited to stay for a co-working week in TGEU’s offices and attend our Strategic Plan Meeting on October 11-13, 2019.

Travel, accommodation and meals will be covered for the participants.

To participate in these training, you must

  • Be able to attend the full training
  • Be based in Europe or Central Asia
  • [For the Empowerment training only] Identify as trans, and as Black and/or a person of colour* (or other terms in your region following the definition below), Roma, or as non-Russian and non-white Central Asian.


  • Both trainings will be held in English with possibility of translation
  • Both trainings and accommodation are wheelchair accessible
  • A personal assistant can be covered by TGEU to join the participant’s attendance
  • A child’s attendance can be covered by TGEU as well as providing childcare
  • Access and needs can be communicated in the application form

Reimbursement and costs

The 2 trainings are fully covered including accommodation, travel costs and food. Travels are to be advanced by the participant and reimbursed after the training. In case this is not possible, TGEU will book transportation.

Submit your application

Send your application by filling this online form (approximately 15 minutes) before May 12, 2019 Midnight CET Germany time.

We can assist you to apply over the phone. Please call +49 (30) 5360 2667 from Monday to Friday between 11am and 5pm (CET time).

Questions can be sent to 

*People of colour: people experiencing racism (through the State and its institutions, in school, in healthcare system, on the housing and work market, on the street…) in a white dominated context.