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Call for participants: 

Wellbeing Training, June 10 – 19, 2017


TGEU are pleased to invite applications from trans activists to attend its first wellbeing training, in Lleida, Spain, from June 10 to June 19, 2017.

This training is co-organised with and

With a significant growth in trans awareness, many people working in the movement are now stretched to capacity, and there is a need to address well-being practices to sustain involvement and engagement for the long haul. The aim of this training is to learn how to create supportive organisational cultures and practices to avoid and prevent burn-out.

Content and aims of this training

The training, in a remote and wild valley in the Catalan Pyrenees, would offer a fully immersive learning experience which would include a range of tools, collective and personal, to make our activism more effective.  These methods have been proven to help people working on the frontlines of social change avoid burnout and stay engaged for the long-haul, adding continuity to our movement building. They can be used to ensure the collective and organisational dimensions of our activism exemplify the values we’re struggling for. And they can help us stay inspired, nourished and more creative in our tactical approach.

More information about the training on ecodharma’s website.

Profile of participants

This training is particularly relevant for activists who have been actively involved in the trans movement. Places are limited to 18 people.

To participate in this training, you must:

  • Identify as trans or gender non-conforming (or other words for describing that)
  • Be active in trans activism or social justice
  • Be able to attend the full training from June 10th to 19th.

Please note the venue has limited access to the internet, the main spoken language will be English and that the place is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. 

Reimbursement and costs

TGEU will cover accommodation, per diems and travel costs for all the selected participants.

Additional financial assistance

TGEU acknowledges this training is longer than usual and may cause a loss of income for some people, depending on their work (self-employed, short work contracts, sex worker, etc.) and/or that it can raise extra costs if you are supporting a child, senior or someone with disabilities, on your own. If this might be a reason for you not applying to the training, please download our word document to apply to our scholarship program.

Application process

Applications were accepted until Sunday April 9th 2017.

You can direct any questions towards Akim (