TGEU is looking for a Host City for the European and Central Asian Trans Council 2024

Put your organisation or a group of organisations as a host city candidate for the next European and Central Asian Trans Council. Vienna, Berlin, Malmo, Budapest, Dublin, Bologna, Antwerp, Berlin what will be the next city?

Download the Application Form

Complete and send to before 16 February 2023

The Council

With more than 250 trans activists, the Council is both a political gathering, and a celebration of the trans community – one of the most important meetings for the trans community in Europe and Central Asia. Hosting the European and Central Asian Trans Council will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen dialogue with decision makers and to engage in advocacy work. Additionally, a lot of work, fun and friendship awaits the hosts of this amazing event.

Your role

The role of the organising group or organisation is to handle the logistics and organisation in the host city (such as finding and booking a conference venue and hotel) and to obtain funding for the Council (see below) with support from TGEU’s Board and staff. TGEU will not be able to cover all the costs of the Council, which means the host city needs to come up with a viable plan for obtaining funding and to be able to plan the anticipated costs of the Council (see a sample in the application form). Several organisations can candidate together.

Bear in mind that the registration fee needs to be kept as affordable as can be.

TGEU will be able to provide technical assistance to help obtain funding and will take the full responsibility for securing funding for international scholarships.

TGEU’s support

TGEU’s Board and Staff will provide support to the organising team throughout the process and preparing the contents of the Council (publishing calls, inviting speakers and performers…), will be the responsibility of TGEU’s Board and Staff. TGEU will also communicate the event through its networks.

Main selection criteria

  • To be a group of at least three people that form the core organising team
  • To be able to host the event in 2024
  • To have experience in organising bigger events, including securing funding
  • To be in a EU-based country

Application form

Please send us the application form by e-mail to no later than 16 February 2023.

In case of any further questions about applying or the selection process please do not hesitate to get in touch at the same address.