Come out and vote for trans rights!
Report any transphobic incidents!


Today is the final day of EU elections. We urge you to go vote, if you are entitled to do so.

The up-coming composition of the European Parliament will be decisive for trans-rights.

Already a massive number of candidates pledged to work for trans rights; this vote has the potential for great change.

See here for the candidates who signed the LGBTI Come Out pledge

Read here why these 10 points matter for trans people.


If you experience difficulties to vote because of your gender identity or expression, we want to hear about it!

For example, your ID document was not accepted at the poles, you were told you did not look like the person on your ID, “people like you have no right to vote”, you could not be registered “looking like this”, your name got “lost” on the registration-lists, but, also if you did not vote for fear of discriminatory behavior.

If you are a candidate to the EP-elections and experienced transphobic behavior, let us know!

If you want to report transphobic, racist and homophobic expressions by candidates, we encourage you to use this form.

Exercising your active (to stand for office) and passive (to vote) voting-right is a basic citizenship right! Violations cannot be tolerated!

You can PM us on facebook, tweet (@TGEUorg), or mail to


Happy voting everyone!