Posted on 28. May 2013 in European Transgender Council

TGEU is extending the deadline for the 5th Transgender Council host city proposals!
Dear TGEU members, friends and allies to the cause.
The Steering Committee of TGEU would like to remind you about our call for the 5th Transgender Council
We are extending the deadline for host city proposals until June 8th, giving you a chance to invite the European Trans Community to your city!
Transgender Europe is looking for a city to hold and a group or organisation of committed activists and allies to organize the next European Transgender Council to be held in 2014.
The local organizing team will work together with the Steering Committee of TGEU and its staff to make sure that the 5th European Transgender Council will be as amazing as the previous four Councils.
The European Transgender Council is the largest gathering of trans* activists and their friends and allies in Europe. The first Council was held in Vienna, Austria in 2005, the second council in Berlin, Germany 2008 and the third Council took place in Malmö, Sweden in 2010.
The European Transgender Councils are an important meeting place for the trans* communities and local as well as European politicians and decision makers. So hosting the 5th European Transgender Council will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen the dialogue with decision makers and will also be an important tool in your organizations advocacy work. Additionally, there is a lot of work, fun and friendship waiting for the hosts of this amazing event.
As the local organizing team, you should be a group or a registered organisation. If you are not part of a registered organization you should at least need to co-operate with and have the full support of a registered organization.
Transgender Europe will not be able to cover the costs of the council which means that you need to come up with a viable plan for the funding and be able to plan the anticipated costs of the council such as food, cost of the venue, logistics and similar local costs. Bear in mind that the registration fee needs to be kept at an affordable level and that provisions will be needed for delegates of low income to attend.
Transgender Europe will, however, give you technical assistance concerning funders and funding as well as other practical aspects and will take responsibility to secure funding for international scholarships. We will also handle information about the Council and calls for workshops and invitation of guest speakers in co-operation with you as the organizing team.
Veterans from the earlier Councils have offered to assist you with advice and information and their experiences. From the experiences gained in running previous Councils, it is a significant advantage if your organization has already established links to the local authorities and has worked with them before. Of importance are good contacts with the Foreign Ministry in order to get support for visas for guests and speakers. Keep in mind that Transgender Europe has over 65 member organisations in Europe and Central Asia and that many of the delegates would need visas for your country or for the Schengen area.
You will also need the full support of the local trans-community especially when it comes down to finding volunteers for the event and it really does pay in the end to start the recruiting process early on as well as to start the process in finding a suitable venue and low cost lodging facilities.
The Steering Committee will support the organising team with its own working group. The development of the contents of the Council, i.e. the invitation of the speakers, workshops holders etc., will be shared between the Steering Committee, TGEU staff and the local organizing group.
Formal criteria:
– you have to be a group of at least five people that form the core organizing team
– you need the full support of a registered organization that is based in your city
– you will need to have experience in organizing bigger events
The event should take place in 2014, preferably during the first half of the year.
The application should include:
– description of your organisation/group (including short CVs of the core organizing group)
– letter of motivation: why you want to organize the council
– preliminary budget of the council, including ideas where to apply for further funding
If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at steering[at]
Best wishes
The Steering Committee of Transgender Europe