Posted on 12. September 2014 in Resources, Country Information

We have learned from Danish trans people that the reformed gender recognition procedure actually works also in practice.

In addition to the much-celebrated removal of any medical requirements in gender recognition, the already previously existent possibility of a gender marker X in the passport is now also available upon application, without approval from the Gender Clinic.

The law gives any person who feels they belong to the other gender the right to change their official gender. There is a reflection period of 6 months after which you have to confirm that you still want to change your gender, and that you understand the consequences as they are mentioned in a letter from the authorities. This letter is about the rights that are linked to gender, eg. screening for breast cancer. If a person has previously applied to change their name, to have their gender in the passport marked with an X, or castration permit then the reflection period will be calculated from that date. Those who qualify for this have received letters from the authorities that they just need to phone in and confirm that they understand the consequences of the letter and then within a week they will receive a document with the new gender, which will allow them to change all their documents, e.g. passport, driving license etc.

TGEU as other human rights groups have critiqued the law as being only available to those over 18 years of age.


See TGEU’s statement on the Danish gender recognition law reform.