TGEU invites you to apply to participate in a

Study Visit on Trans Depathologisation to the European Union institutions

17 – 18 October, Brussels

Deadline for applications: 26 September 2017

Applications are sought from individual activists and organisational representatives to attend a study visit on Trans Depathologisation from 17th – 18th October, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The visit is organised in relation to the International Action Day for Trans Depathologisation on October 21, 2017.

Trans identities are still listed as mental disorders in medical codebooks. As a result, many trans people experience stigma, social exclusion, and discrimination. On the other hand, trans-specific healthcare and legal gender recognition often still depend on such a diagnosis. Human rights activists have been demanding the end to listing trans identities as mentally ill while ensuring access to quality trans-specific healthcare.

The European Parliament has been for a long time a staunch supporter of trans depathologisation and was the first international institution to speak out against a specific diagnosis for very young, pre-puberty children. In 2016, the European Commission affirmed its willingness to continue to actively follow the work of the World Health Organisation (WHO) towards the depathologisation of transgender identities in the review of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

In May 2018, the World Health Assembly plans to approve the International Classification of Diseases where trans identities will be removed from the mental health chapter. This is not yet home and dry and we want to meet with members of the European Institutions and discuss why it is important to end declaring trans people as mentally ill, how this affects the human rights and everyday lives of trans people, and what needs to change in the provision of trans-specific healthcare services. Activists will also have the chance to exchange amongst each other what the situation in their respective countries is in this regard.

Who should apply?

We are eager to receive applications from trans activists, particularly individuals who:

  • have experience in advocating for trans depathologisation and/ or trans-specific healthcare,
  • have experience in relevant policy, human rights, lobbying, government or law,
  • are interested in European politics,
  • preferably identify as trans,
  • are comfortable to speak English.

Preference is given for representatives of TGEU member organisations.

For funding reasons, this meeting is reserved to participants from EU Member States.

Participants should be able to participate for the full duration of the study visit, that is arrive until 3pm on October 17 in Brussels, and leave on October 19. The study visit will be conducted in English, for budget reasons no interpretation can be provided.

For security reasons, successful applicants will be asked to provide swiftly legal name, ID number and nationality upon notification of their participation, in order to ensure access to the buildings of the European Union.

We aspire to make the study visit as accessible as possible. Please indicate any specific accessibility needs in the application form.

Date and Place of the Meeting

  • Date:  17 – 18 October 2017
  • Place: Brussels, Belgium
  • Arrival: 17 October 2017
  • Departure: 19 October 2017

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs will be reimbursed by TGEU following full attendance at the study visit. Upon selection, participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements by the cheapest mode of transport available and accessible to them (economy class airfare or 2nd class train). Should your costs exceed 250 EUR, confirmation should be sought prior to booking/purchasing the ticket.

Meals and accommodation

We will cover the accommodation for two nights of 17 October to breakfast of 19 October inclusive, and one dinner. Successful participants will receive a daily allowance to cover any other costs related to meals, local public transport etc. Other costs and accommodation outside of these times will have to be covered by the participant unless previously agreed.

Application process

Please complete the application form on line at: by 26th September 2017.

If you would like this document or the application form in another format or you have any other question regarding the Study Visit or the application process, please get in touch with Richard Köhler, Senior Policy Officer:

The result of your application will be announced by 30th September 2017.



EU_FlagThis event receives financial support from the Rights, Equality and Citizenship, Programme of the European Union. The contents of this event are the sole responsibility of Transgender Europe, and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.