Posted on 17. November 2012 in Depathologisation

Designated EU Health Commissioner commits to trans depathologization


Designated Commissioner for Health and Consumer Rights, Tonio Borg, promised on November 17th in a letter to European Parliamentarians  to work to stop that transgender people are considered mentally ill.

In his letter Tonio Borg pledged: “I would also, in line with the European Parliament’s resolution of September 2011, fight to stop considering transgender people as mentally ill and support a non-pathologising reclassification for gender identity in the negotiations on the 11th version of the World Health Organizations International Classification of Diseases.”

His candidacy sparked controversy amongst European civil society and Parliamentarians on his track record on women’s and lgbt rights. Read the Press Release of a NGO coalition on his nomination here as well as the reaction of the LGBT Intergroup at the European Parliament on the acceptance of his candidacy.

Read Tonio Borg’s letter here.