Transgender Europe has been working closely with trans people across Europe for the past 10 years. We now have 107 member organisations in 42 countries, and our work with and for the community continues to inspire and empower the trans movement.

Become a member

Becoming a member of Transgender Europe is one way to be involved, by receiving information about events, campaigns, and opportunities over our dedicated members-only mailing list, by being invited to participate in trainings, events and consultations, and by helping shape the direction of TGEU’s work and strategy.

Transgender Europe offers a membership for groups and organisations and one for individuals. The application process is straightforward and simple and can be completed online, at the links below.

Regular membership in Transgender Europe

This category of membership is available for individual persons, for groups and organisations with trans members. Individuals and organisations need be located within the geographical confines of Europe.

Group members are those organisations which support or give advice (for example, self-help groups), which are charitably or politically active for trans* people. Groups may have other fields of work, but support for trans people should be one of the principal activities.

Online Application for Group Membership in Transgender Europe

Individual members have active and passive voting rights. Group members nominate representatives to exercise active voting rights.

Online Application for Individual Membership in Transgender Europe

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Supporting membership

Become a supporting member of TGEU today, and help us to continue our work towards a Europe free from discrimination, where each and every person can freely express any gender without interference, with the full support of society.

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