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Your input needed!
Consultation on cross-border prescriptions in the European Union


For a current EU consultation, we are looking for experiences with prescriptions issued in another EU member state. Transgender Europe and ILGA-Europe prepare a submission to the European Commission.

Have you ever experienced problems with prescriptions (medicine and or medical devices) which were issued in another EU member state? (Only prescriptions issued in another EU state are concerned.) Prescriptions might be on trans-related health care but also to general health care.

Please answer 6 questions in our online questionnaire or send us your opinions and testimonies using the download-form by email to directives [at]

Deadline: before 15th of December


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All information submitted will be treated strictly confidential.

Please do forward these questions to persons (e.g. EU residents from another country) or organizations who could potentially contribute to this consultation.

More information on this consultation:

The directive on the application of patients ‘rights in cross-border healthcare was adopted on March this year. The European Commission has launched a consultation on the recognition of prescriptions issued in another Member State. It can be found here :

In the consultation, the EC only mentions “rare disease patients, residents of border regions, retired patients” are specific groups likely to be affected by cross-border healthcare. It might be interesting to point out there that trans people are also likely to be affected, partly due to the lack of availability of the medicine products that they may need; partly due to lack of knowledge of health care issues trans people face by dispensers and health professionals.

Health professionals prescribing medicinal products/devices or dispensing prescriptions and the medical industry are also target groups of this consultation. The deadline set by the EU for this consultation is 8th of January.

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