The WHO has published an online tool to propose changes to the ICD-11 Beta Draft. Proposed changes to the titles/definitions can be submitted. It is also possible to add new or delete existing entities, add synonyms and other content model parameters and propose more complicated structural changes.

To access and contribute to the proposals, please visit the ICD-11 web-based platform and go to Contributions ⇒ Proposals menu.

The ICD Revision team explains on its facebook-page regarding changes that will be made visible:
“These are public proposals by any person or group. It is NOT done by the WHO team or WHO appointed Topic Advisory Groups. This is an OPEN process to all public. You can see the proposals and see how they are treated. We will only filter SPAM-like entries and ADVOCACY type mass mailings. All other proposals will be treated with a scientific peer review mechanism. Results of the review will be documented openly as well.”

Read TGEU’s position on the ICD-reform