Posted on 20. June 2015 in Legal Gender Recognition, Country Information

On June 19 2015, the Kiev Administrative Court took its decision in the case of a trans* man, who had applied for permission to change his legal documents (name and gender marker). His application was rejected by the Special Commission of the Ministry of Health. The representative of the Commission (defendant) told the Court their decision was based on an explanatory letter from the Institute of Urology, according to which the minimal surgical intervention for persons of the female biological sex, diagnosed with F64.0 (“Transsexualism”), includes removal of reproductive organs and mammary glands – surgical sterilization.

The Court ruled that the explanatory letter from the Institute of Urology is not a relevant legal document, therefore such requirement and hence rejection are illegal. It is a historic point in the long term fight of the Ukrainian trans* community for their human rights.

We know, that our Ministry of health can appeal the decision, and we are ready to continue the process.


Source: NGO “Insight”, Edits: TGEU