The government of Malta has launched their new education policy for trans, gender variant and intersex children today.

After passing the Gender Expression, Gender Identity and Sex Characteristcs Act in April this year, this is yet another important and exciting step.

Two documents were launched today, a policy document and a procedures document, making Malta the first country in Europe to publish a comprehensive education policy focusing specifically on trans, gender variant, and intersex children.

Among other things, the policy document highlights the key issues and needs that need to be addressed in order to make schools inclusive for trans, gender variant and intersex students, such as protection of privacy, adequate facilities, inclusive policies, regulations and language, and access to counseling and information.

The procedures document addresses how schools should respond when a trans, gender variant or intersex students comes out and/or transitions and asks schools to implement detailed school support management and student transition management plans.

Download both documents here:

Malta Education Policy Document

Malta Education Procedures Document