As a membership organisation, TGEU is committed to building the capacity of its trans and LGBT member organisations, and the European trans community more broadly, to advocate for the rights of trans people and to provide support to trans people.

In particular, TGEU offers information, support and training to its members to build their skills, knowledge and resources in the areas of fundraising and grant writing, organisational development, community organising, and advocacy and policy work.

To this end, TGEU develops resources to support the work of its members, shares resources and information through the Trans Info Europe mailing list and the TGEU members mailing list, organises trainings & workshops, as well as the bi-annual European Transgender Council, for trans and LGBT activists, and forms strategic partnerships to effect political change in focus countries.

TGEU’s Capacity Building Officer also assists members with their individual requests for information and support.

In doing so, TGEU aims to contribute to building sustainable, networked, and well funded and resourced trans and LGBT organisations in all countries in Europe.