Posted on 28. June 2013 in Work with Institutions

PACE demands Equal Access to Health for Transgender Persons

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called in a Resolution on June 26 for equal access to health care for transgender persons.


“The Assembly notes that inequalities in access to care, including mental health care, particularly affect vulnerable groups, including…transgender persons.”

The Assembly calls upon member states to:

  • ensure that the cost of care does not hinder access to care
  • ensure the accessibility of health-care facilities and health professionals
  • ensure the accessibility of information on the health system, including vaccination and screening programmes, and set up health education programmes, while taking account of the specific needs of the different vulnerable groups
  • simplify the administrative procedures required to be able to receive health care
  • introduce training policies for health professionals stressing the need to combat arbitrary applications, discrimination

Read the full Resolution 1946 (2013)  here.