Posted on 26. October 2011 in Country Information

The Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination recommends to the Albanian Parliamentarian to avoid discriminatory language and statements against the LGBT community in Albania.


In a landmark case the Commissioner against Discrimination in Albania has asked a member of the Parliament to avoid discriminatory language and statements against the LGBT community.

The complaint was brought forward by PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania and Alliance against Discrimination to the Commissioner for protection against Discrimination. The lately reacted with a letter of recommendation sent to Mr. Tritan Shehu, Member of Albanian Parliament and vice-chairman of the Commission for Labor, Social Issues and Health.

On December 2010, PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania filed a complaint to the Commissioner against Discrimination, whereupon it asked measures to be taken towards Mr. Tritan Shehu, who at a hearing session of the Commission for Labor, Social Issues and Health at the Parliament during the International Day Against HIV/AIDS declared that homosexuality is a disease and it should be treated with hormones.

The same Commission did not take into consideration the official request of PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania to organise a hearing session for the LGBT people living with HIV/AIDS, but contrary to that it conducting a meeting in secret and without notifying any of the organisations who requested it.

After our complaint, the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination, took into consideration the case and followed the necessary procedures. On September 30th 2011 the Office of the Commissioner sent a Recommendation Letter to Mr. Tritan Shehu recommending him with the following:


–          Mr. Shehu should avoid discriminatory remarks in the future, which cause an atmosphere of tension and unfriendliness towards the LGBT community in Albania . (In this regard we inform Mr. Shehu that homosexuality has been excluded from the International Classification of Diseases and should not be treated as such.)


–          Granting all possible guaranties so that the thoughts, opinions and remarks of the LGBT community are heard, evaluated and taken into consideration, when they are directly involved on specific topics, in order to help the community to enjoy fully its rights and freedoms.


PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania wants to thank the institution of the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination for the collaboration and the positive conclusion on this specific case while it encourages the Commissioner to continue with its work for protection of citizens against any forms of discrimination.



Tirana / Albania