The findings to an official inquiry by the Swedish Government into reform potential of the gender recognition law has been published today. The report investigates conditions in access to legal gender recognition as well as access requirements to trans-specific medial treatment. In both areas a specific focus is given on transgender youth’s situation and access.

The inquiry recommends to base legal gender recognition on self-determination and suggests a graded access system for minors.


From the report:

In the Inquiry’s assessment, human rights and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms mean that anyone who wishes to change their legal gender as it appears in the population register should be free to do so. Changes of legal gender should be fully recognised, and the process of changing legal gender should be rapid, straightforward and transparent. Furthermore, there should be no indirect or direct requirements of medical assessment, care or treatment before an individual is able to change their gender as recorded in the population register. (page 28)

Read the full report here. (In Swedish. English summary on pages 26 – 33)