Posted on 18. March 2016 in Press

TGEU welcomes the proposed legal reforms for legal gender recognition by the Norwegian Ministry of Health today. The proposals would allow individuals to self-determine their gender without having to undergo any compulsory requirements, like sterilisation.

Giving trans people access to quick, accessible and transparent legal gender recognition is crucial, and if passed the proposed law will ensure that trans people do not face unnecessary barriers and discriminatory treatments. As it stands, the current procedure requires trans people to undergo sterilisation and obtain a psychiatric diagnosis in order to be legally recognised.

TGEU Steering Committee member SteinWolff Frydenlund from Norway, comments, “With this reform the Norwegian government would finally be respecting the rights of trans people in Norway, and start to right the wrongs of years of discriminatory practices towards them.”

TGEU Co-chair Arja Voipo added “We welcome having another country in Europe which values the self-determination of trans people, it is particularly valuable that this extends to minors.”






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