Posted on 23. February 2017 in Our work

Background information

Following the resignation of TGEU’s Co-Chair Alecs Recher last year, the TGEU Steering Committee has appointed Tina Orban as Co-Chair along with the elected Co-Chair Arja Voipio.

TGEU is now one Steering Committee member short, and are turning to member organisations, trans groups, friends and allies to look for a new Steering Committee member to fill the gap!

call for steering committee member (1)

About TGEU’s Steering Committee

TGEU’s Steering Committee oversees the organisation’s governance between the General Assemblies. Among other things it drafts TGEU’s strategies, represents TGEU, sets TGEU’s positions, and takes the lead on membership communication, and the organisation of the biannual European Transgender Councils.

Being part of the Steering Committee is a lot of work but certainly a lot of fun too! It is important to us that our team is as representative of our diverse communities as possible, so we particularly encourage you to apply if you feel your experiences and/or characteristics would enrich TGEU’s Steering Committee by creating space and giving a voice to communities that are underrepresented or left behind.

The current Steering Committee members are:

Arja Voipio, Co-Chair, Finland

Tina Orban, Co-Chair, Hungary

Arian Kajtezović, Treasurer, Croatia

Ulrika Westerlund, Secretary, Sweden

Clémence Zamora-Cruz, France

Stein Wolff Frydenlund, Norway

Vreer Verkerke, Netherlands

Nicole De Leo, Italy

The ideal candidate

  • have at least some experience in working with and for the trans community. Preferably you are a senior activist in your organization, at a national and/or international level;
  • have at least some experience in governance or the motivation to get familiar with the tasks of a governing body;
  • be aware of your own time and resources and be ready to dedicate up to 20 to 30 hours per month to TGEU;
  • be able to work independently in a reliable way and equally well in a team;
  • have good command of spoken and written English (does not have to be perfect but good enough to do all the work in English, the working language of TGEU);
  • be available and comfortable with standard internet-based communication (regular online meetings on weekday evenings, mailing-lists, emails and document sharing) or present a willingness to learn quickly to work with these tools, and
  • be able to travel abroad occasionally for meetings and conferences (help with obtaining visas and travel reimbursement will be provided).

How to apply

Send an application letter to arian(at) and stein(at) by March 15 2017.

The application letter should include the following information:

  • why you are interested in becoming a member of the Steering Committee
  • how you think you can contribute to TGEU’s work
  • what your background is, especially in trans activism

For more information

Potential candidates seeking more information can contact Arian Kajtezovic: arian(at) and/or Stein Wolff Frydenlund: stein(at)