Posted on 17. September 2010 in Health & Depathologisation


Happy news! Switzerland drops 2 years of forced therapy before surgery!


The Swiss Federal Supreme Court just accepted that an earlier decision by the European Court of Human Rights

Since 1988, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court insisted on a minimum of 2 years of psychotherapy as a pre-requisite for having one’s health insurance covering costs for gender reassignment surgery. Nadine Schlumpf brought this question to the ECrtHR and won (Schlumpf v Switzerland, 8.1.2009). On Sep 14th, the Federal Supreme Court had to decide on how to deal with this ECrtHR decision.

After three hours of a thrilling argumentation limbo the court took the decision of 3:2 in favour of Nadine Schlumpf. The written rationale is not there yet, but legal expert and founder of Transgender Network Switzerland -TGNS, Alecs Raecher is confident: “We can already say that this means finally the end of this well hated 2 years period!”

TGNS is very happy about this decision: We are thankful to Nadine and her lawyer who have been fighting for many years. We call upon the health insurance providers for a swift implementation of the Court’s decision!”

Transgender Europe congratulates Nadine Schlumpf for her persistence in her case, which brought clarity for many trans people in Europe. Forced therapies are illegal. Trans people have the right to be assessed and treated on the basis of their respective medical needs.

This can only be seen as a good omen for the foundation of the Transgender Network Switzerland planned for September 25th 2010 in Bern.

We say Happy Birthday!


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TGNS  – Transgender Network Switzerland