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TGEU invites member organizations, trans communities and individuals to join in and take action on the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization. With this Call for Action TGEU endorses STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization and encourages trans activists and allies to get together to raise awareness on the need for depathologization of transgender identities.


This year the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization will be held on the 22nd of October and TGEU is preparing a campaign with a special focus on Depathologizing Gender Diversity. We are putting together an online action pack with resources which organisations and activists will be able to use in preparing for their own events on the day which will be available on our campaign page.

How can you join the campaign?
Here are a few suggestions put together by our campaign team:

  • Share Your Story – TGEU is collecting the stories of trans people’s experiences of pathologisation, to share these stories and raise awareness about the effect of pathologisation. Share your story and help us lobby for adequate, affordable and high-quality mental and physical healthcare for trans people everywhere!
  • Social Media  – Use these images and posts to share on your own social media.
    1. The intense focus on the bodies of trans people, both within the medical professions and without, needs to change as it pathologises trans people by emphasising their difference from non-trans (cis) people. #transdepath http://tgeu.org/trans-depath/
    2. We want adequate, affordable and high-quality mental and physical healthcare for trans people everywhere. #transdepath. http://tgeu.org/trans-depath/
    3. Dangers of trans pathologisation. “you are a danger to your child” Share your story too on http://tgeu.org/trans-depath/ #transdepath
    4. “The diagnosis took away 5 years of my life.I felt ashamed” Stop the stigma. #transdepath Share your story on http://tgeu.org/trans-depath/
    5. #transdepath so that #trans identities start being recognised like non-trans identities – an integral part of human experience @WHO
    6. .@WHO must ensure #transpeople have access to adequate, affordable & high-quality healthcare #transdepath
    7. .@TGEUorg & @ILGAEurope call on #trans activists & allies to join in fight for #transdepath – #IENicosia16
    8. Participants at #IENicosia16 protest to call on @WHO to depathologise trans identities #transdepath

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  • Organize a Workshop – This could be a good opportunity to educate your community and allies on recent debates concerning the pathologization of gender identity in childhood and also learn how we can all get involved to stop that from happening.
  • Facilitate a community discussion during a support group meeting – You can take this chance to discuss this topic and gather valuable feedback from members of your community.
  • Set up a panel – give a voice to transgender experiences (parents of transgender kids, transgender people, allies)
  • Put up an awareness raising action: handing out flyers, organize a Human Library, set up an info booth etc.
  • Organize cultural events: movie day/evening/night, trans performances, photo exhibition etc.

We would love to hear from you and your plans! Please send any information about your plans to Naomhán (naomhan-intern@tgeu.org) so that we can show that trans communities across Europe also care for the youngest in our community.