Posted on 6. November 2015 in Our work, European Transgender Council, Press

The First Transgender Council was held in November 3 – 6, 2005, and the reason why we consider the 6th of November as TGEU’s birthday is because that is when the closing panel decided that we should continue working together.
“I guess that was more or less spontaneous” – Julia Ehrt, Executive Director

Over the past 10 years, Transgender Europe has played a pivotal role in highlighting the human rights of trans persons on a European level. Finally trans rights are on the agenda, and in this short film Julia, Nicolas, Sasha, Clemence, and Wiktor share how this has happened, and how TGEU has helped to build a movement!

 “On a European Level transgender rights and the human rights of trans persons are on the agenda; I don’t think that nothing would have happened without TGEU – but I think we played a major role in all these developments”. – Julia Ehrt, Executive Director



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