Posted on 19. January 2012 in Creating Change

Joint contribution from ILGA-Europe and Transgender Europe on measures for improving the recognition of prescriptions issued in another EU member state


The contribution to an EU consultation highlights a number of obstacles trans persons face when trying to get medicines prescribed in another EU member state.

ILGA-Europe and TGEU point out in particular the following key concerns:

  • We are worried by the fact that in some cases, trans persons were denied products on the basis that dispensers disapprove of their gender reassignment.
  • It seems that some medicines, on which trans persons very much depend, are available only in some member states and not in other.
  • We consider that the identification of the patient based solely on the first name or on the gender can be problematic in the case of patients whose appearance does not match the first name and the gender mentioned on the prescription.
  • It seems that there is an extensive lack of knowledge within the trans community about the possibility of getting medicines prescribed in another member state.

>>> Download the joint submission here <<<

TGEU and ILGA-Europe had consulted with the trans communities prior to this submission. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the consultation and shared their experiences and recommendations for improvement with us. See the call here.