Posted on 7. October 2009 in Depathologisation

Transgender Europe (TGEU) Announcement Update:

More than 160 groups worldwide oppose Trans Pathologization







Two weeks before the heyday of this year’s “Stop Trans Pathologization: Goal 2012” campaign already 7 international Networks and 161 trans groups and allies from 37 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America have joined the campaign of the Trans Depathologization Network.

On October 17th the heyday of this year’s campaign demonstrations will take place in 30 cities in 18 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America (Date of information: 05.10.2009).

Map showing the worldwide campaign

Transgender Europe (TGEU), which is supporting the campaign and calling upon its member organizations and other European trans organizations as well as our allies in other world regions to join the campaign and organise actions in their cities or countries, documents the campaign and its supporters on the TGEU website ( in English.

The Steering Committee of TGEU has adopted three additional demands in relation to the campaign’s principal demand:
“The Removal of Gender Identity Disorder from the DSM and ICD.”

These additional demands are:

  • The creation of an alternative non-pathologizing category in the ICD 11, recognizing that our gender identities are not mental health disorders while still enabling hormonal and surgical medical assistance to be provided for those trans-people who seek such assistance.
  • The funding of hormonal and surgical medical assistance for trans people by national health insurance.
  • The creation of processes for changing legal name and gender without compulsory treatment or any form of diagnosis.

However, every trans organization joining the campaign is free to choose their demands as long as the principal demand is supported.

We encourage participating organisations to choose their additional demands to best reflect their current national medical and legal situations.

If you want to confirm the participation of your group, please send an email to research[at] with the subject “JOIN STP 2012” and the following information:

Group / organization name:
Message: We join the campaign “Stop Trans Pathologization-2012


It is also possible for individuals to support the campaign. If you want to support the campaign, please send an email to research[at] with the subject “I SUPPORT STP 2012” and the following information:
Message: I support the campaign “Stop Trans Pathologization-2012”