Posted on 5. April 2011 in Work with Institutions

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TGEU becomes a member of European platform of Social NGOs


The membership of the Social Platform has voted positively on TGEU’s application for full membership at today’s General Assembly.

The membership is an important step for TGEU in establishing the voice of transgender people at the heart of Europe. The Social Platform and its members are committed to the advancement of the principles of equality, solidarity, non discrimination and the promotion and respect of fundamental rights for all within Europe and in particular the European Union. The Social Platform promotes social justice and participatory democracy by voicing the concerns of its member organisations.

Read more about the social platform here.

A big thank you to Evelyne Paradis, Vice-Chair of the Social Platform’s Working Group on Fundamental Rights and Non-Discrimination for presenting the TGEU application to the general assembly. And a big thank you for the membership to welcoming us on board. We are very much looking forward to working with you!