Posted on 10. April 2015 in Work with Institutions, Press, Country Information

Transgender Europe (TGEU) strongly condemns the attack against its Kyrgyz member organisation Labrys in the night of April 3, 2015. Three bottles with explosives were thrown into the yard of the human rights organisation in Bishkek, two of which caused open fire, reports Labrys.

None was harmed. However, this was not the first attack against the organisation. Its activists have been subjected to threats of physical violence numerous times, while the office building was thrown stones at, reports the organisation.

Kyrgyz Parliament currently debates a draft law that would similarly to Russia’s ‘propaganda law’ outlaw any support for so-called “non-traditional forms of sexual relations”. The quantity of threats and attacks against LGBTIQ communities and human rights defenders has increased since the registration of the law project, according to Labrys.

Transgender Europe calls upon the government and the president of Kyrgyzstan to uphold constitutional rights and freedoms and to ensure the safety of LGBTIQ human rights defenders and people. Kyrgyz authorities need to meticulously investigate this attack and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Space for civil society is shrinking in many states of the former Soviet Union. We watch this trend with growing concern, as authorities deliberately fail to protect minority groups. Debating homo- and transphobic laws creates the atmosphere to hunt trans and LGBTIQ people and put their lives at risk.” explains TGEU Senior Policy Richard Köhler

Kyrgyzstan is a Partner for Democracy of the Council of Europe since 2014. The partnership aims at “further developing democracy, the rule of law and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the country.”

“We expect the Kyrgyz government to clearly speak out against homo- and transphobic hatred, assert that LGBTIQ people equally belong to Kyrgyz society, and to withdraw the proposed law. The Council of Europe should do everything in its power to budge its democratic partner to ensure safety and human rights for different groups in Kyrgyz society, including LGBTIQ people.” comments TGEU Co-Chair Alecs Recher.


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Transgender or Trans is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity or expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth.

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