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Trans Remembrance Meeting 22. – 28. 11. 2010 in Ankara, Turkey

Trans Remembrance Meeting Ankara

Trans Remembrance Meeting Ankara 2010


TGEU member organisation Pink Life holds from 22.-28.11. in Ankara, Turkey the Trans Remembrance Meeting.

TGEU will be present at the discussion on International trans Rights Activism at the Ekin Arts Center on the 28th at 13:00.

See the programme here


TGEU also sent a video message to the trans-community and activists in Turkey.

Follow the link to download the video-message.

Julia Ehrt, co-chair of TGEU congratulates the activists in Ankara to the scope of the conference. Julia highlights the need for international pressure to respond adequately to the shocking numbers of transphobic violence and murders. Alone in 2010 six are known to have been killed according to the TMM Project. TGEU declares its solidarity with the trans people in Turkey and committs to the international campaign, organized by pembe hayat.

Read the transcript of the message here.


Trans Rembrance Meeting Ankara, Turkey 22.-28.11.2010

Transgender Murder Monitoring Project TDoR Update 2010

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