Posted on 21. October 2021 in Our work, Creating Change, Working with the Community

Online activities and remote organisation became part of a new reality for communities and activists across the globe. Knowing how to overcome the obstacles that come with movement restrictions is essential to create effective and impactful work. Strengthening capacities and supporting our members are part of TGEU’s priorities. Hence we are now offering one-to-one engagement calls for members.

What is it?

Since June 2021, TGEU has been offering our members the opportunity to have a one-hour virtual consultation session to check in and explore ways in which TGEU can support your organisation’s work.
TGEU can provide support in the following areas:
  • Wellbeing, including activist and/or organisation wellbeing and burn-out prevention.
  • Movement building, including community organising, team building, facilitation, networking.
  • Media and campaigning, including advocacy, communications strategy, events organising.
  • Fundraising and project management.
The individual consultations can be held in English and/or Russian.
We invite member organisations to delegate a representative to register for a session, which will then be scheduled individually with our Senior Programmes Officer and/or our Community Building Officer.
These sessions are for your team, so feel free to have one or more people participating register through our form. The deadline for registration for this round of consultations is 15 November 2021.