Posted on 20. April 2015 in Press

This Wednesday April 22nd, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will debate and adopt a resolution that calls for removing burdensome and discriminatory legal restrictions for transgender people in Europe. TGEU will organize thematic side events prior to the debate.

If adopted as drafted, the resolution will unquestionably be the most important and wide-ranging statement of support for the rights of transgender persons ever made at European level.

The resolution will be the most comprehensive call by an international institution for the rights of transgender persons demanding an end to discriminatory restrictions that are currently in place in many countries of the region and calling states to adopt far-reaching positive measures to protect transgender people’s rights. The resolution will demand quick, transparent and accessible gender recognition legislation based on self-determination. It will also recommend to include a third gender option in identity documents for those who seek it.

Such measures are urgently needed, as for most transgender people in Europe, it is either impossible or very difficult and humiliating to get a passport with their correct name and gender. In fact, 33 countries in Europe still do not allow a trans person to change their name and registered gender without requering sterilisation, divorce and/ or a mental illness diagnosis. Unemployment and transphobic violence are commonly shared problems for many trans people across the continent.

Side event “Trans Rights in Europe” 21 April, 1-2pm, Palais de l’Europe, Room 3

Activists from Turkey, Lithuania, France, Ireland and Ukraine will talk about what it is like to live as a trans person in Europe. The speakers are available for interviews and comments. E-Mail Richard Koehler, TGEU Deputy Executive Director, for interview requests and further information or call +491776531518.

Exhibition “Transgender at Work” (link) 20 – 24 April, Palais de l’Europe, Hemicycle

Inauguration 22 April 1:15pm

German Ambassador Luy, PACE president Anne Brasseur, Maltese Social Minister Helena Dalli and TGEU Deputy Executive Director Richard Köhler will open the exhibition. 12 portrays of trans persons at their workplace show the diversity within the trans community and address (un)employment as an acute issue for trans people.


The draft resolution and report can be found at this link.

Transgender Europe is a European human rights NGO working for the human rights and equality of all trans people. More Information:

Transgender or Trans is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity or expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth.

PACE – Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is made up of delegates from 47 European national parliaments.

TGEU Deputy Executive Director Richard Köhler is available for interviews and questions and can be reached at:


phone: +49 (0)177 65 31 518