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 head of EEAS Ashton

Head of EU Foreign Affairs: Baroness Ashton

TGEU welcomes LGBTI Guidelines for EU foreign relations


TGEU Media Statement

June 25 2013

On June 24th, EU member states agreed on the LGBTI Guidelines which are the first binding policy instructing EU diplomats how to defend human rights of LGBTI people around the globe.

The Guidelines are comprehensive in regard to transgender people and also refer to intersex people. EU efforts are to focus on four priority areas and come with operational tools to help EU foreign services support  LGBTI rights both within Third countries and in multi-national fora.

The guidelines are an example of how a strategic approach by the EU towards LGBTI issues could look like. It is the first EU document adopted by all member states that provides for a definition of transgender and gender identity. Analytical questions guide diplomats to better assess inter alia criminalization of transgender identities, gender-based violence, how trans people can access legal gender recognition, effective discrimination employment protection or gender reassignment treatment.

“We are very content that NGO advice was invited and taken on board to a great extent. Throughout the process TGEU provided input and training to the Foreign Ministries of the Member States.”  says Juulia Ehrt, TGEU Executive Director : “We hope that activists in the Global South and East will see concrete support coming out of this commitment. Transphobia and resulting human rights violations in many countries relate back to colonialism. EU member states do good to acknowledge their terrible inheritance and help tackling its dreadful legacy.”

“The Guidelines say very explicit that appropriate identity documents are a prerequisite to effective enjoyment of many human rights and that trans people are protected under the EU founding principle of equal treatment.“ comments Richard Köhler, TGEU Policy Officer:

“When will the European Commission come up with the same conclusions and follow the advice in the Guidelines to end rampant trans discrimination in the member states?”

Read the LGBTI Guidelines here.




Transgender Europe – TGEU is a European Human Rights Organization with membership in 36 countries working for equality and inclusion of all trans people.

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Photo: Council of the European Union