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TGEU launches Access All Areas! Campaign

Transgender Europe launches European-wide campaign


Today, 10 February, TGEU launches the Europe-wide campaign Access All Areas! Recognition Opens Doors urging decision makers and European societies to recognize the serious human rights violations trans people face in their everyday lives.

Many trans people are excluded from societal participation and cannot access basic rights because changing name and registered sex is troublesome to impossible. Seemingly ordinary things like picking up a parcel, opening a bank account or applying for a job can become a daily source of difficulty if your gender identity does not match the legal gender marker on your ID card.


Quick, Transparent, Accessible Procedures

“Trans people have a right to access all areas of society, and we have a right to quick, transparent and accessible gender recognition procedures.” says TGEU Executive Director Julia Ehrt: “States across Europe continue to violate trans people’s rights by holding on to inhumane practices. Without ID documents matching their gender identity, trans people are denied a life in dignity and respect.

73% of trans people in the EU say easier legal recognition procedures would help them to live a better life (EU Fundamental Rights Agency 2012). In 1992 the European Court of Human Rights established that not providing for legal gender recognition of a trans person is a Human Rights violation. In 2010, all member states called for quick, transparent and accessible gender recognition procedures in the Council of Europe LGBT Recommendations. Nonetheless, today 23 European countries still require forced sterilisation, another 19 request a married trans person to be divorced first in legal gender recognition. In general, a change of documents is not possible without a mental health diagnosis or for those being underage.

“The campaign shall instigate change and progress towards quick, transparent and accessible gender recognition legislation.” explains TGEU Policy Officer Richard Köhler: “The campaign tools are designed to help facilitate advocacy for gender recognition. The posters draw the attention to pitfalls in current procedures in a playful way, but also show the seriousness it has for many individuals. A heap of background materials provides sound knowledge on gender recognition issues to campaigners and an interested public.”


2014 is a decisive year for trans rights

“2014 is a decisive year with 8 national and EU elections coming up. These future decision makers will have the power to push for better laws and procedures. They need to learn about current problems, but also be held accountable if they fail to end the atrociousness.” adds Richard Köhler.

Local adaptations of the materials are possible and welcome.

For more information contact Richard Köhler ( or +49(0)1776531518).





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