Posted on 9. October 2015 in Press

This morning in Poland, President Duda’s veto on the Gender Accordance Act [1] was confirmed as proceedings were discontinued before a vote on the veto could take place in Parliament. Regardless of this outcome TGEU congratulates the polish trans community who have worked tirelessly to reach this moment.

Tina Orban, TGEU executive board member said “When this legislative term comes to an end, the Polish trans community can truly be proud of their achievements: Anna Grodzka elected as the first open Polish trans parliamentarian; unprecedented public awareness for trans people; and a forceful legal initiative that could only be stopped by a helpless veto.”

The Polish trans community have had to work in a challenging environment over the past years. Working together with courage and against all odds they have succeeded in raising public awareness about trans rights and the need for legal gender recognition in Poland. The last few years have set a pediment that can never be taken from them. Tina Orban added “But most importantly, while politicians are only elected for some time, the Polish trans community made it clear that they are there to stay.”

Arian Kajtezović, TGEU executive board member said “The Polish president has completely disrespected the democratic process. It should be a sign of worry to all in Poland that he has ignored the express wish of those democratically elected. It is lamentable that due to political backroom deals the Polish Parliament was not even given the opportunity to vote on overturning the veto this morning, losing the chance to improve Poland and change the lives of many.”

TGEU will continue to support the trans community and activists in their fight for legal gender recognition in Poland, and hopes that conversations between trans rights civil society and the Polish Parliament will go on to ensure that this progress does not stop here.



[1] The Gender Accordance Act would have established transparent and accessible gender recognition procedures, granting trans persons in Poland their human rights.

Transgender or Trans is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity or expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth.

Transgender Europe is a European human rights NGO working for the human rights and equality of all trans people. More Information:



On the 2nd October 2015, Polish President Andrzej Duda, vetoed the Gender Accordance Act.

On the 25th September 2015, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muzineks, called on President Andrzej Duda to sign the law saying that “Trans people in Poland have the right to legal recognition.”

On the 18th September 2015, TGEU sent a letter to Polish President, Andrzej Duda, asking him to sign the Gender Accordance Act into law.

On the 7th August 2015, the Polish Senate adopted the first gender recognition legislation in the country.

On the 23rd July 2015, lower chamber of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), passed the Gender Accordance Act, the country’s first gender recognition legislation in history.