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TGEU Statement on Social Inclusion through Sustainable Transport


Public space and usage of public transport is for many trans persons in Europe a dreadful experience. Transgender Europe shows how trans passengers often are affected in their safety, security and dignity by staff and fellow passengers. 79% of trans people in an EU-wide survey reported harassment in public; 43% of trans respondents in a national survey feel “less well treated” in the street. This statement also presents best practices and 10 concrete recommendations aiming to inspire dialogue and yield sustainable improvements.

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Based on the findings, TGEU recommends the following measures be undertaken at the earliest possible by those responsible for sustainable mobility management in Europe as mechanisms to help achieve social inclusion and in turn the safety and security of transgender persons:

1) Acknowledge the responsibility and positive duty public transport has towards the rights of all passengers inclusive of trans persons.

2) Take measures to effectively ensure safety and security of trans persons, particularly in public transport.

3) Review existing regulations and practices to remove any structural barriers trans people may face in accessing public transport, particularly regarding rights, safety and security concerns.

4) Remove wherever possible references to gender on reduction cards, smart cards and other personalized ticketing systems.

5) Make public transport a positive and welcoming experience for trans people as passenger or staff. To this end, enable PT operators and staff to engage appropriately and respectfully with a diversity of passengers inclusive of trans people, by e.g. diversity trainings, in-house awareness campaigns, trans-inclusive recruitment[1], co-operations with local and national trans groups.

6) Assess specific needs trans persons might have towards public transport, by means of user surveys and quality reviews, and particularly in regard to safety and security.

7) Nothing about us, without us! – engage in constructive dialogue with trans people and their communities.[2]

8) Raise public awareness of fellow passengers about the trans inclusiveness of public transport with a clear message of “zero tolerance” to those transphobic by means of campaigning.

9) Develop and implement effective complaint mechanisms taking seriously and quickly following-up on complaints related to bias-motivated discrimination or violence. This might include a compensation system for victims of such crime.

10) Actively promote “sustainable mobility for all” to trans communities by means of joint initiatives.

For further information on trans experience and public transport please email Richard Köhler, Policy & Capacity Officer at richard [at]

TGEU wishes to thank all those who have participated in the call and shared their experiences and suggestions on usage of public transport!

Find the call on public transport experience here.


[1] See for instance the European Trade Union Confederation’s recommendations for actions and activities on promoting equal rights, respect and dignity for workers regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity of 2008

[2] (see pg. 4/5)