Posted on 17. April 2014 in Campaigns

European Elections 2014 – Why do they matter for trans people?


Between 2225 May 2014, EU citizens decide who will represent them in the European Parliament.

TGEU supports ILGA-Europe’s Come Out 2014 – European Elections campaign, which aims to mobilise support for human rights and LGBTI equality among the candidates for the next European Parliament and European Commission and to energise LGBTI and trans organisations and individuals across Europe to vote.

Part of the campaign is the 10-point Come Out 2014 Election Pledge, which candidates for the European Parliament are invited to sign.

TGEU and ILGA-Europe have compiled a document highlighting why and how the 10 points of the pledge are relevant to trans people, which can be used by trans activists and organisations in their campaigning activities and communication with candidates for the elections.

More information about how to support the campaign can be found on the campaign website.